Electrical Test and Tag -

When you need electrical testing and tagging done, why settle for second best? You truly cover your duty of care when you call on us. How?

Unlike the vast majority of other test and tag companies, Tagoff Essential Services is proud to be able to guarantee the accuracy of its Test and Tag Services at all times through the use of Accsure™, the industry leading Calibration Status Verification Procedure.

Every test and every tag is assured of accuracy to 100% of our clients, 100% of the time at no additional charge.

Melbourne’s best electrical test and tag

Our quality work is not franchised or sub-contracted. Technicians trained beyond the minimum Australian standard will test and tag your appliances with accuracy, ensuring you truly achieve a proper duty of care to your employees and customers.

You will find that other test and tag suppliers only calibrate their equipment once a year at best, yet the equipment they use can lose adequate accuracy within a couple of months! This may result in unnecessary replacement costs of appliances said to fail, that are actually passing. Alternatively, if the equipment is passed when it should have failed, you could be leaving your business exposed to possible negligence in the event of an incident. You can learn more about Accsure™ and electrical safety.

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