Electrical Testing and Tagging

"Our Unique System for Testing and Tagging"



Electrical Testing and Tagging (Exclusive ACCSURE™ System) including:

  • 3 Phase Testing and Tagging.
  • Plug top replacement and minor repairs.
  • Portable RCD Trip Time Testing.
  • Switchboard Fixed RCD Trip Time Testing.
  • Microwave Emissions Leakage Testing

Testing Equipment Check

It all starts with proving that our test equipment is accurate. If you cannot, then all your measurements for Testing and Tagging could be inaccurate, false, and worthless, worst still potentially dangerous to our clients. This should be the first critical step in any Testing Procedure. Tagoff ES uses only the Seaward PAT Testing Equipment both the Prime Test Elite and the PrimeTest 300 models.

Testing Procedure

All our Technicians strictly follow all guidelines set out in the Australia Standard. We do not take the common shortcuts such as performing ‘Insulation Tests’ only. We primarily perform ‘Current Leakage Tests’ both Class I and II so as to fully cover of the Standard by performing complete tests for the whole appliance under test not just up to the point of internal switch or relay. This we can prove through Detailed Reporting which shows all tests performed in each sequence on all appliances tested.


We download all accurate testing results onto our central online server for secure client access 24/7 through their unique client login credentials. All reports are also made available via email both PDF and Excel or hardcopy in preferred format. Tagoff ES uses only the Seaward PAT Guard 3 software for Data Collection and Reporting.


Our Automatic Reminder Service is based on our primary database scheduling system which generates a reminder via email before the items are due for retesting. We follow up with a reminder phone call to confirm the re-test visit. This ensures that you are always current in your OH&S compliance and fully aware of our next scheduled visit. Tagoff ES uses both the ACT CRM the Seaward PAT Guard 3 software for our Reminder and Scheduling.