Fire Protection Equipment Testing and Maintenance Repairs including:

  • Fire Indication Equipment – Smoke and Thermal Detectors and Alarms
  • Occupant Warning Systems
  • Portable Equipment – Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose Reels and Fire Blankets
  • Hydrant Systems – Including Annual Water Proving Testing (Flow Rate Testing)
  • Passive Fire Protection – Fire and Smoke Doors

Compliance Services

  • Exit and Emergency Lighting Testing and Maintenance Repairs
  • Paths of travel
  • Discharge from Exits
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • ASEMR Reporting (Through Independent third-party provider)

Electrical Testing and Tagging (Exclusive ACCSURE™ System) including:

  • 3 Phase Testing and Tagging
  • Plug top replacement and minor repairs
  • Portable RCD Trip Time Testing
  • Switchboard Fixed RCD Trip Time Testing
  • Microwave Emissions Leakage Testing

Other Services

  • High-Resolution Enhanced Thermal Imaging
  • General Electrical Work
  • Data Management