All our Thermographers are ITC Trained.




Our Quality Assured Thermography System can help you locate potential Dangers in your Buildings Electrical Installation

  • Our ITC Qualified Thermographer/ A Grade Electrician performs a Thermal Scan and Inspects each Switchboard located around your premises
  • He then reports all findings to our Head Office
  • A second ITC Qualified Thermographer reviews all findings
  • A PDF Report is finalized including a schedule of all Inspections performed and details of any finds for action
  • Report is Uploaded to our Client Portal for your action and future reference.

All Tagoff Essential Services Thermographers are Level 1 ITC (Infrared Training Centre, Melbourne University) trained as a minimum.

Tagoff Essential Services use only Flir Camera’s such as the T440 High Resolution (320 x 240), High Thermal Sensitivity (N.E.T.D <0.045˚C @30˚C), MeterLink™ Equipped High Thermal Range (-20˚C – 1200˚C) cameras. Simple put this equates to highly detailed and more accurate Thermography for better fault-finding results.

The addition of both Thermal Fusion and MSX™ Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging highlights extra detail through fusion technology for enhanced identification for fault detection.

Standard High Resolution image

MSX™ Multi-Spectral Dynamic Image








The additional MeterLink™ Clamp and Moisture Meters make additional ‘on the spot’ measurements and readings possible for ‘in camera’ data collection and reporting for unparalleled flexibility and accuracy.