Why choose Tagoff Essential Service?


We look at the value in 3 ways.

Firstly, in today’s highly competitive, uncertain financial climate cost has to be of prime concern for most Business ’s and Property Owner’s both large and small. Hence we have structured our pricing model based on industry-leading systems and processes, the very best available equipment and software which simply makes us as efficient as any Essential Services Company can be while delivering the Services as it should be done. These efficiency gains are passed on to you in our pricing.

We can and do compete with any written quote provided by another reputable Essential Service’s Provider.

Secondly, the product we provide. Through our Quality Assurance programmes, we prove the validity of the results that we provide you with. This naturally ensures the value of the end product or service that we are asking you to pay for. This too is a true value.

Thirdly, the scope that we can offer. Both in offering a full array of services to provide you with the option of consolidating various outsourced services under one umbrella so as to simplify your back of housework to ensure your business’ compliance. This too adds value.

We hope that you agree with our view of true value. Please contact us so we can discuss how we may be able to benefit your business.